8020 Certified Coach, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Shaman in Training, Certified Nutrition Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist

Healthcare worker wellness program

For the entire team or you can get your healthcare friends together and do this as a group!

If you are in healthcare the pandemic most likely created more stress in your day.  Many healthcare workers are tired and stopped taking care of themselves because they are overwhelmed with an influx of patients and many who are not kind to the people taking care of them.  I am a dental hygienist and understand the demands and challenges you are facing every day.

I have been in dentistry since 1995 and know the demands that are put on the industry.  Patients are coming in more than ever and the work day is intense.  Breaks are minimal and overall morale in the office is down.  I know how to bring your team together so your day is fun and productive!

I want to help your team bond and create healthy habits together!  You can even bring in significant others to help with your journey towards better emotional and physical health!

You spend so much time helping others that you might be forgetting to take care of yourself!

I can create a custom package for your team or you can start with the basic 5k package.

You need absolutely zero experience to do this program and I will guide you through the physical portion of training and work with your entire team on finding peace in your life! 

I will help your team find happiness within themselves which will improve the overall happiness of your team which patients will see and ultimately will change their attitudes towards you!

You have nothing to lose!

What is included?

We will meet once a week via Zoom as a team for 45 minutes.  You will get a team training plan on Training Peaks for a 5k and I can help you find one to train for.

Each week we will talk about the training plan, challenges and wins in the office.  Each person can train on their own terms or work together!  Whatever works for you all!

We will talk about how to have difficult conversations with each other and the patients.  I use a simple approach to dealing with conflict and emotions which my clients love!

If you would like to explore the possibilities for you and your team reach out!  Team plans start at $500 a month.