8020 Certified Coach, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Shaman in Training, Certified Nutrition Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist


Wilderness First Aid Classes

Empower Yourself in the Great Outdoors! Join our Wilderness First Aid Classes, presented in collaboration with Redline Guiding and taught by certified instructors from SOLO schools. Nestled in the stunning Pinkham Notch, these immersive courses are designed to equip you with essential life-saving skills for any unexpected trail situation.

Discover the confidence to respond effectively to emergencies and make a difference in critical moments. From hands-on scenarios to in-depth knowledge, our classes go beyond the basics, providing you with the tools to navigate wilderness challenges with skill and composure.

Embark on a journey of preparedness and adventure. Don’t just hike the trails—master the skills to ensure safety and well-being. Sign up now and be ready to be the hero on the trail!

Class Dates:

2024 WFA/CPR Schedule:

» February 17-18, 8am-5pm, 2024 
» April 19-20, 8am-5pm, 2024 
» August 2-3, 8am-5pm, 2024 
» November 2-3, 8am-5pm, 2024