8020 Certified Coach, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Shaman in Training

Thriving in the heat

With hot temperatures making an appearance it is important to modify your expectations for your workouts.  Plan on slowing your pace a bit and staying on top of your hydration.  Electrolytes are key to making your day much better.

So how do you use electrolytes?  There are a few ways.  You can carry a pill form which you would take during your workout.  You will need to play around with how much your body needs.  Shorter training runs are a great time to experiment with this in case you end up with an upset stomach.  You can also carry a small empty flask or bottle and another small container with an electrolyte powder and mix as needed.  I like to carry a full hydration bladder with water only and a small bottle and powder in a ziplock to mix as needed on my run.  On a really hot day your electrolytes may taste bad if the water gets too hot.  I love to filter water from cold streams and use that for my electrolyte powder.

Planning a run at elevation or along rivers will help keep you cooler.  My dogs have taught me that swimming during a run can make you feel so much better and make your day more fun!  Don’t be afraid to jump in, to dunk your hat or even your shirt to cool down.  Running at elevation typically results in cooler air and possibly a nice breeze.

Dress in clothes that are lighter colored to keep you cooler.  If you will have access to ice on your route you can fill a bandana, your hat or your shorts with ice on a hot day!

You can still enjoy the outdoors on a hot day but be sure to pay attention to your body and remember to not get frustrated if your pace is slower. Just enjoy the day and take in the beauty around you as well as a dunk in some nice cool water!

After your adventure be sure to have some electrolytes and hydrate for the next 24 hours.  You will recover faster and feel better so that you can hit the trails or pavement again sooner!

Have fun!!!  If you have any questions or topics you would like covered feel free to reach out to me!